Check your Ego at the door… Please!!!

Baaaa BaaaaHello….Hello…  Just who the Fuck do you think  you are???  I don’t think you know and I am pretty damn sure none of us want to know either…  What???  I can’t hear you… No, that does not mean say it again, idiot… it simply means “shut the fuck up” !!!  Oh yeah, I said that and better yet babycakes… I said it to you!!!  Yes… you… I know it is hard for you to accept that I would say such a thing to you…  I mean after all… it is You!!!  The one and only you…  “You” are the person who requires us to expand our doorways before you enter… you are the one who requires us to stand beneath the shadow of your greatness, to pause and listen when you speak… to follow you from here and there… like sheep being led around by our noses and empty heads…

Well sweet cheeks… You really aren’t ALL that…  I know, shocking…  How can I say such a thing to YOU???  The infamous you…  I mean, after all…  This is YOU we are talking about… or shall I say, you are talking about!!!  You spend so much time talking about you and what you are and what you do and what you think you are and how wonderful it is to be you and how we should all be so damn grateful to know the “one and only you”!!!  WTF Ever…

Well beautiful… I hate to be the one to make you wake up all sticky in a  wet puddle… but you really aren’t all that… Ohhh, I am sorry… did I piss in you Wheaties???  Did I rain on your parade???  Did I take the wind out of your sails???  Guess what???  Too fucking bad… get over your lame ass… cuz you know what???  The doorways into this world are not about to be widened for the likes of you or your kind to walk through… In fact, the last time I looked there was nothing more special about you than anyone else or myself for that matter… You are not going to get me to bend over back wards for you and no one should bend over backwards for you or worse yet… bend over at all and take it where the sun doesn’t shine baby… because you haven’t got anything that special to make or cause anyone to need or want to do that… I know….Shocking!!!  You simply aren’t that great or unique…  No one will stand beneath your shadow of what you think is greatness as I am fairly certain that shadow is nothing more that a few extra pounds of flesh you are carrying around because you are really an insecure little piece of work that has over indulged themselves on gluttony of the life line of others… Your shadow smells of bad body odor and reeks of the followers that are really sheep you have led to slaughter for your own guiltless pleasure…

Well now you should listen for just a few… maybe you haven’t figured it out yet… but in this house… no one here are sheep and you are not that special… you are simply nothing at all… no different from the rest of us… so no door ways will be widened to allow you through… in fact, at this house baby… you can “check your ego at the door” or take your lame sorry ass down the street where someone with low self-esteem is in need of a God to follow…will eagerly become your next tool pawn in your game…We follow no one here, but ourselves … perhaps you should give it a try… If not… take your God complex outta here and on down the way… baby… go find an alter to build to yourself or shall we say your Ego… there will always be another of like your kind as soon as we get rid of you… as well as those who will want to follow you … as this world is made up of Egos and Sheeps…  too bad and so sad that people feel as though they must be one or the other to fit in…  Oh well… Sarah B doesn’t want to fit in and those who believe in themselves should not as well…

Ciao Bella…  a humble Sarah B…

No sheep here sister!


  1. Yolanda · November 10, 2009

    The men that act like this suffer from little dick syndrome. and the Bitches are all plastic.

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  3. The Ball Brothers · November 11, 2009

    Wow, we’re lucky that doesn’t apply to us.

  4. Barney-J · November 12, 2009

    God I’m glad I’m perfect!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Ami Shemesh · November 12, 2009

    Perhaps he doesn’t know that the girl he really likes wears one of those tees that says “every girl needs a gay” because she’d rather have a gay friend than walk around with an ego as big as his

  6. Seymour Robin · November 12, 2009

    Tell us more sister!!! Luv it… Sarah B

  7. Seymour Robin · November 12, 2009

    Hello…. aren’t we???

  8. Seymour Robin · November 12, 2009

    BB…. we would never include in this topic… Sarah B Baby…

  9. Seymour Robin · November 12, 2009

    Sister.. I hear ya.. they all fucking suck.. I mean.. you are right….

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  11. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Since you are 11 you were perfect… cuz if we didn’t listen to you… you would make damn sure we all knew it… Perfect and Barney J…one in the same…

  12. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Ami…baby!!! You need to tell us something??? Nah….We are all gay sister… and you are right… who wants to be around an ego when we can all be playing with …. never mind… different blog….

  13. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    BB… Lefty Righty… I wrote it just for you!!! Your job it to figure out which brother I was talking about… Ciao…

  14. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Little dick and plastic in the same sentence makes for a terrible evening!!!

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