Bag Type DD: OH What A HO HO HO…

Artist Gregory HergertBag Type DD:  OH what a HO HO HO… At least I didn’t say fun bags… But really, do I need to say anything else???  Oh what a Ho… What could I possibly mean by this statement???  HO HO HO… as in  Merry Fucking Christmas???  Or …. do I mean, Ho Ho Ho… as in, Hey Kitten, you better just get yourself on down to the nearest street corner and starting making a few bucks, cuz  sweet cheeks, the Rent is due and the babies need some food on the table!!!  After all we keep hearing we are in a recession or depression…  Right???  How many times have I heard recently that someone could make more money on their knees than siting on that wide spread of an ass behind a desk or pumping gas??? 

Think about it Honey, in every down a depressed economy, the sales of make up go Up…Up… and oh yeah… UP!!!  Do you think it is to make one feel better about themselves???  Seriously, you can’t be that naive…  Are you???  I highly doubt it…  Not only does make up sales go up, but also the sale of precious beloved alcohol goes up…  (I have helped contribute to that one sugar!!! )  I guess for those of you are sheep or want to live in your little four corners of your world and ignore what is going on, then you can assume that one is simply buying “make up” to make themselves feel better and the “alcohol” to take the stress of the day away as they sit and veg out the TV news and media… and pretend while they sit in their chair all made up with no money to go out and sitting by themselves with a glass of wine or a shot of vodka… on the rocks… that everything in the world is perfect and wonderful… NOT!!!

I mean really, do they LOVE their jobs right???  Do they think their spouses don’t cheat and their kids don’t whine all that much…  Really???  Fuck no, that is bullshit baby, that is a life of a dreamer and of someone who is living in a delusional world, a life of unreality or as we used to say… The life of Riley!!!   They are unrealistic to what is really going on…  However, put all that aside and accept the fact that we “must” be realistic to what is really going on in the world and accept the fact that the average person is out there daily, fighting for their share of corner time over the well seasoned working girl, they are busting down the front door of their new pimp daddy so they can get a sign on bonus to pay the rent…  OK.. well, maybe they aren’t actually on a corner pushing the true “first entrepreneur” off, but… they are doing things that they would have never considered themselves capable of doing  a year ago… because in these times, honey… the motto is “by hook or crook”…

In our time right now, they will do things that they once consider to be beneath them… or thought they would never have to do again… because they thought they had finally achieved what they deemed a stable life… Well, Sweet Cheeks… It is time to wake up and work your lame ass, the good ole days are gone and they won’t be returning anytime soon, so we all gotta step it up, step out and put on a bit of extra lip stick or in my case, chap stick… Take a BIG swig from that bottle and get on our own corner and work it baby, work it good and if you need to… then get on your knees and do what it takes to make it work… Don’t be shy!!!  Shyness will get you no where in life and it won’t pay your bills baby…

After all….  Bag Type DD:  OH What A HO HO HO  can mean many different things… Only you can let your imagination take it the right or wrong direction…  My theory is do what or whoever it takes baby to make it and answer only to yourself…

Ciao, Sarah B – Bag Type DD…

 Artist Gregory Hergert

One comment

  1. gregory hergert · November 26, 2009

    Haha I would rather buy HO HO HO than xmas gifts…but alas I’m a boy scout!

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