It’s not what you know… but who you blow Baby!!!

There is an old saying in life… that often more times than not, it isn’t what you know that will get you ahead in life… but who you blow baby…  Ahh… did your mind just creep back down to the gutter when you read that first sentence???  You and I both know that it really never left the gutter…  Simply just reading that peaked your curiosity enough to urge your sleepy little peanut head to perk up…  Not that peanut head silly… that will be a blog for a different day…  that blog may get one or two minutes of my time in the future… or maybe not…   This is about how people feel the need to get ahead in life and work at any expense and absolutely no care to others around them or whom they step on or over to get to what they think is the golden apple… That sweet spot of success that many feel will give them purpose in life…

The worst of these are both men and women whom in business and life… set their sights on a goal and only know “one” way to achieve that goal… to lay down and spread em wide open or hop on and take a ride… those whom do this to achieve what they want are the amongst the most cunning and yet the most stupid around… Yes… you can sleep or blow your way to a new job or a new relationship… but you lack the substance behind it to keep it…  Once the shine wears off your little rosy cheeks… you bring nothing to either the business world or as a partner into a relationship… you have built your world around a house of sugar and spice and eventually the rain will come and melt everything away you have worked so hard with to get, not your brain,  but you chose to use your body to achieve…  However, the road back down is a hard one to swallow… as you must fall past the ones you “blew” over to get what you thought you had to have…  You made no friends getting there, so you have none on your way down… You have made a cold bed and must lie in it…  until you find the next opportunity that it is… and you will because all you know…  is how to “Blow”…

The other group that can be even more annoying, are those whom “Blow” by different means…  They are smart and cunning… and have mastered the art of manipulation on both a business and Blow...Blow... Away Babypersonal level…  They specialize in “Blowing Smoke”… up your ass to get what they want and thing they need and have no regrets or guilt about their actions… in their own little world… You are a tool and a pawn that allows them to reach the next pinnacle of success in their warped minds… These individuals are masters at beings wolves in Sheeps clothing and often it takes years to uncover or clear the “Smoke” they blew to get what they wanted…  But, the smoke does at some point clear away when a strong breeze kicks up and begins to uncover things that have been a bit hazy for those around them for a few years or even decades…  These individuals eventually end up below poverty level, with no family and or friends… yet do not recognize this as they live in a perpetual state of fog from all the years of blowing smoke to get ahead… they can not see clearly and will never accept their accountability for their actions…  They will spend all their days trying to restart the fire to get smoke going again… If you happen to find em and throw water on them… or stay upwind of these individuals…  they are a bad lot…

For the rest of us… it is about hard work, dedication and goals… set your goals far above the “Blowing” level and you will achieve far greater success in life no matter if you have nothing to your name more than these two types above…  in Sarah’s world… blowing is for candles and behind closed doors only…  If you choose to blow your way up baby… it will catch up to up you if you aren’t careful… or even if  you are…  So I want to know if you have had experiences with those who blow or if you doing the blowing… please let me know…

Ciao Bella… Sarah B…


  1. Zero Gravitas · November 8, 2009

    Three comments on the subject:

    Those who sleep their way to the top usually end up with the wet spot.

    Success is 90% showing up.

    Never get in a pissing match with a skunk.


  2. The Ball Brothers · November 9, 2009

    The ones who scare us these days are the ones who don’t mind “blowing” themselves up and taking others with them because they think they will be rewarded in Heaven. It’s funny that the leaders of those people never seem to think that’s a desirable activity for themselves. They seem to be quite happy to put off the meeting with the many virgins and making sure they stay safe at all costs.

  3. Yolanda · November 9, 2009

    nice. Well said.

  4. Seymour Robin · November 9, 2009

    Sister…that one was just for you!!! Ciao…

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  6. Douglas Young · December 18, 2009

    I will admit that my mind did go straight to the gutter or perhaps never fully emerged. I have seen people who blew their way up, and you are right. They did not make any friends doing it. When their fall finally arrives it is like a train wreck, its awful but hard to look away.

  7. alvin99 · December 29, 2009

    This really blows my mind I have for years been searching for some as-semblance of a phrase that was quoted to me trying to rise through the ranks but,! this is just the first part of an answer that’s been taunting me……Hows about taking it a step further…….Here Goes…..”It’s not who you know and blow it’s who you meet and eat” please someone expound on this as I now understand the first part of this life long riddle.

  8. Robin Seymour · December 30, 2009

    Now you make me ponder this title for a Blog… shall we call it ” “Work is all about the Meet & Greet… or Meet and Eat??? Throw back some ideas to me… Ciao, Sarah B…

  9. gregory hergert · February 3, 2010

    self-debasement to earn self-satisfaction is quite convoluted…it created the profession of Psychiatry !

  10. Hunter · February 13, 2010

    “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
    Oscar Wilde

  11. ottorapp · May 14, 2012

    Every word is right on! I was searching for the expression and found this – low and behold, it is exactly what I would have wanted to say! I put the link on my facebook wall!

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