Karma is a wonderful thing… Isn’t it???

You know.. sometimes it is just fucking hard to not go through life without running into some truly wonderful people.. you know the type of people I mean… right?  The ones that just make your life hell and miserable and for anyone else that crosses their paths.  It is those individuals that seem to skate by without anyone ever noticing the path of destruction and despair they are causing… The lives they are turning upside down or the innocent victims left in the wake of their path of destruction…  You can see them, you can feel it… you have been tormented by these people before…  They smile their snake like smiles… they pretend to be your friend… They extend themselves to you, openly extend a helping hand…  The whole time, picking and prying… snooping and crushing everything of yours and who you are…   These snakes come in the forms of acquaintances, co workers, god fearing religious, bible thumping followers, family and friends… They lead secret lives of deceit…  There is no real good purpose for these people who purposely set out to cause malice and harm for the mere pleasure of observing the fall out of their game they have set out to play… sitting back and watching the chips fall like a well organized stage of dominoes…

Well, why is it that those individuals seem escape notice of all those around them except by you or I???  Why is it that they can they smile their smile to ones face and that smile wins them over…every time…   What is it about this type of person that allows them to walk amongst us as part of our society, yet, they are truly the bottom dregs of humanity…   I find this to be a very perplexing thought, notion and very disturbing and wonder if they do it to achieve  a position of someone’s they coveted or material thing… or simply for the fun of it…   Do you wonder why no them for what and who they really are? ??   Why can people see this person for the true snake behind those eyes and beautiful smile… this person whose laugh makes your skin crawl…  Meow... Meow...Meow...Meow

As we become older, wiser  we start to realize a wonderful… fucking beautiful thing … All those dumb ass lame pieces of shit… who for years have manipulated, lied, left wakes of destruction in their paths for the sheer fun of it… or personal acheivement…  Well.. this beautiful thing called “Karma” had raised her head and struck each of them down time and time again… We may not see it each time.. but we hear about it each of these events.. asn when we do, we smile deep inside… Please do not feel sorry for these individuals… They have set out on a path of negative reaction and eventually a positive reaction happened… There is a saying,  I wish my name was “Karma”.. but we are not Karma…  they create their own Karma… 

Watch out for those whom have screwed you good.. it may not happen today and it may not happen tomorrow and it isn’t our place to make it happen for them… no matter how badly we want to… because trust me baby, “Karma” will rear her ugly head and slap their lame asses to the ground where they belong… now should you want to stomp on them  when they are down or step over them … only you can decide that…   So… just a little food for thought for those who are not so nice in life..  Karma is watching…  and she will find you sweetie…  Watch your back… after all the rest of us have had to watch ours for years since we met you…

Ciao Bella Sarah B….



  1. Barney-J · August 1, 2009

    Oh, and they were the some spiteful fun years! 🙂
    Gee sarah, July was quite the month. Can’t wait to see what rants come in August. (Karma is watching)..

  2. SheShe · August 4, 2009

    HA!!!! Do you remember the old saying what comes around goes around.. In my life time I have seen it happen just not as fast I would like .. You know like a lighting bolt hitting them in the head!!!
    I instead have decied after a bang up year not to give a shit!! And move in my own happy little world. Yea! like that’s going to happen.

  3. Yolanda · February 27, 2010

    Karma is a great thing! I can’t wait to see it unfold on certain individuals that have and are still making my life a living hell, even if it’s wrong. Too much has been done and it’s time for pay back. I know most of you agree with me even if you don’t want to say it out loud. 🙂

  4. gregory hergert · February 28, 2010

    The irony is that we are addicted to villians..what movie or soap opera doesn’t have the wicked karma chameleon?

  5. Mike · August 24, 2010

    Karma is as Karma does… I’ve danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. Lady Karma has taught me lessons through torment to show me the error of my ways. Karma has knocked me down when I’ve been wrong. Karma has stood me back up when I was knocked down. She does have a magical energy flow. You can ignore her if you choose, but in the end her justice is enlightening. Both in showing you the error of your ways when you can’t ‘hear’ it, and in the way she delivers justice upon others who choose to ignore her presence.

  6. morrisa · December 10, 2012

    Love this! So True!

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