Whose Reality Are You Living???

Whose reality are you really living???  Is it theirs or is it yours…   Are you doing what they want you to do and or what they expect of you???  Are you being their bitch for the day,, the week and the month… are you getting ready to lower yourself to your knees right this very moment… have your already to strapped on the knee pads and are prepared to do what they want and expect of you and worse yet… assume you will do for them???

Have you sold yourself out to them, given up on who you are and handed over to them the keys to yourself such a long time ago that don’t remember how this came about and now they not only own you but also drive your ass too???  Do they service you regularly to keep you running smooth and efficient so you can be there at their beck ‘n call… Because you after all, you are their bitch…  Do they dangle things in front of you to remind you who owns you when you start to show signs of wanting to break the chains and escape???  Are those carrots in front of your eyes so yummy and nutritious that you stay…  Is it that you can’t imagine being without those carrots and you have long forgotten how to grow your own carrots???

Remember those carrots you once planted for yourself???  The ones you nurtured, cherished and savored nightly as you lay in bed planning your future…  dreaming of your future… planting the seeds you sowed for your future road to happiness… what is stopping you from taking your keys back and driving your own ass, owning your own ass… becoming free and breaking the chains… I bet if you laid down one night and replanted those seeds as you drifted off to sleep… and each night, you continued nurturing those seeds and eventually each night as they begun to sprout up… the carrots of those who think they own you, they would begin to taste bitter and as your continued to nurture your garden and begin to see the root of the carrot break the surface of the ground, their carrot would be full of acid and as you pull that carrot from the ground and brush off the dirt, you will feel the chains fall away from you and then you will feel the keys to yourself placed back in your own hands and at that time, no one would ever own your ass… you would be back in control of your life, passions, dreams and you would no longer have to strap on knee pads ever again…  Unless you want to do it for your own purpose and benefit…

Plant your seeds baby, plant them now… water them, nurture them and take control of your own life… and future…

Ciao Bella…  Sarah B…


  1. Ken · August 19, 2010

    I thought it was a great commentary on life. Great job for SarahsViews

  2. CATHY · August 20, 2010

    Good 1 …………..CUZ

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