It Soothes… It Heals… It Protects!!!


It Soothes, It Heals, It Protects!!!  It warms you up at night, it take the chill out of your bones…  It has the capability to brighten your day at it’s worse moment, it can make you forget about the asshole that just cut you off on the freeway in his super spendy car with the all-knowing, telling look at me emblem blazing on the front of the hood screaming… look at me… look at me…. I am driving my penis compensator…  It has the ability to make you more friendly and will bring a smile to your face quicker than anything else…  If it has the potential to do all of these things, then why on earth is it so difficult to come by????  It’s like pulling freaking teeth…  Like going to a dreaded Dentist appointment, far worse than a night over at your in-laws and worse yet time with your ex…  Hell for some of us we would prefer to have dinner with our worst enemy or our most recent ex lover… or morning gasp and wake up in sheer panic call… as we roll over to see we are not alone…

One thing for sure is that we will go out of our way to avoid it, to give  in and to act on upon it….  We suck allot…  I know I do and I don’t mean in a way that can make my other half smile and bargain with you for next round…   but we really suck, we are cold, self-absorbed and our vision continues to become more and more tunneled…  to the point where we can barely see 3 feet in front of us…  We lose all our peripheral vision…  worst of all, we do this on purpose…  We choose this route and we have chosen to be loners on an island, alone at work or  in the coffee line, we will not say bless you when some one sneezes, only we turn a deaf ear and pretend not to hear… Instead we will make feigned attempts to help someone in front of us that falls or drops something, only to delay long enough for them to pick up themselves… all with a phony smile of sincerity on our faces… We take our time so as not really have to act out and follow through or extend ourselves…

What could or would Sooth, Heal and Protect and warm you to the very core of yourself…  It is several very simple answers… It would be to see or give a genuine smile, to say thank you and really mean it, to give up your seat so someone older and more tired can take your seat,  to allow someone who has one item in the grocery line while you have 20 to go ahead of you…  When someone is short for their cup of coffee in front of you to offer to pick up the difference or better yet the tab… to pay for the coffee behind you in the drive thru…  To take time to stop and help someone up…   Or to give to someone in need and not judge them or expect anything in return…   We are all guilty of the things that make us suck…   Me included…  I am terrible about judging people by their hair, clothes, the car they drive… I am notorious for judging them more if they dress nicer or drive nicer vehicles or if they have nice jewelry than if they do not….  It is  certainly not an intentional thing most of us do, it is just simply something we are programmed to do from birth… to judge and to feel superior…  when in fact, we are truly equal…

Today, I shall  make a sincere attempt to tuck away my crassness and my satire, I will keep my grinch and bitchy katty  comments to myself and focus on my day ahead and what good things I need to accomplish and how I will do this…  For tomorrow… I can make no promises…   I may have a shitty day and some asshole in fancy car with a nice fancy emblem and slicked back hair may cut me off on my way to my meetings and tomorrows comments may be totally different… after all.. .we are programmed to also let our immediate reactions effect our moods… can you guess what kind of day I had?

Ciao Sunshine…  don’t do anything I wouldn’t do or at least get caught at…   cuz this is really all just a line of bullshit baby…  Did you buy into it???

Sarah B

Artist Gregory Hergert


  1. gregory hergert · November 30, 2009

    Sarah you can pretend all you want but I think you are kind…when I was a boy I insulted a bigger boy and he slugged me on my head…it was a valuable lesson… now kindness is my weapon of choice!

  2. Robin Seymour · November 30, 2009

    Greg…Honey, it is time to put down the crack pipe and get a reality check … Kind, you say it as though I wasn’t… Wait, glasses!!! I am sure you must wear glasses and…they must be “rose colored”… shut the fuck up… Ciao… Sarah 🙂

  3. Yolanda · December 1, 2009

    Wow! nasty aren’t we…. Cursing at your readers. Greg she must need to get laid really bad. That’s a topic you should write about. We will know whom you are speaking of for sure
    Get some double A batteries they can do wonders. Love ya

  4. Robin Seymour · December 2, 2009

    Yolanda… Yolanda… Oh my sweet little bitch Yolanda… I will order a case of AA’s & D’s for you sister and ship em on over your way, that will brighten your day and chase the cat away… Ciao…

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