Look Up!!! Scape-Goat Above…

So, the other day, I was standing in line at the grocery store and this person in front of me was just going on and on to someone she had drug to the store with her.  This shall we say, Princess?  Was going on and on to her friend about how she made sure to get back at her loser boyfriend…. by fucking around with her neighbor… I don’t mean F’ng around in such a way that she was messing with his head..well, I guess I do mean that in a way..  ooh!!  Well, anyway,  because this little wide load of a princess spoke so loud and apparently had a 4 pack a day of smoke habit based on her vocal cords… went on quite loudly and with her raspy voice about how her boyfriend deserved this.. and all the whys and ways!

While I can’t pass judgement on her reasons, cuz the guy did sound like a loser ( that she picked! )… but I wondered to myself  if she had looked a mirror at any point in time over the past few years.   Because the last time I checked, 1995, was gone and we are in a new decade of clothing, hair, make up and crude public display and talk were about as in style as 1981!  However, since the cahier was challenged this particular day…. and taking quite an long time.. I was forced to “overhear” this conversation.   What struck me as so fucking typical was the fact that after a while this conversation turned to what they had planned for Sunday.

Well, let’s see, after they each picked up their children from their ex husbands..  ( no issues there.. got my own share of ex’s )… but, best part… they were going out this evening partying the night away.. then picking up the children whom I imagine if girl children would have matching highlighted hair, feathered with big bangs… and if these children were boys… well they would have matching mullets… bu the very best part for me was what they planned for Sunday.. they had Church planned…   this of course let to who’s mini van they would take ( of course! ) and then more Church talk.. I happened to be the fortunate person to leave the store behind them – did I mention the part where they had a 12 pack of bud and some white zif wine?  You know, the kind that comes in a box?  Oh, I am digressing… seems I was parked next to these two wonderful women.. in a mini van… complete with the fish emblem on the back size.. ( should have been a whale emblem – oops… I know I am going to hell for that one.. good thing I don’ care or believe in ti! )

As I loaded my things into my car, I was struck with how typical these two women represented to me what a typical Church going person represented.  One who is according to the bible they profess to love… spends 6 1/2 days… doing everything that goes against the same values they have shoved down their throats that half day on Sunday.  My faovorite part of this group of people, is the fact that they seem to think they can do anything they want  6 1/2 days a week as they have a get out of jail card… a true scape goat who can never stand up for themselves…they have the imaginary God to forgive them…to accept them and to allow them to justify their actions..  Because after all, God will forgive them… while they fuck you every way they can, because as long as God forgives  them, they do not have to be accountable for anything they do.. ..They are covered Baby!  Better than any insurance policy they could buy.  They got God.

Well, I will pass.. I fuck up, got no one else to blame but myself and accept full responsibility.  I am a grown up and I don’t need a God to bail my sorry ass out when I mess up, only own up to it and accept what I have done and hope I can survive the humility to learn on my own and make my next mistakes.. there ain’t no flipping God, just a scapegoat for Sheep’s and Losers!

That is Sarah B’s take on it….Ciao Baby…  Sarah B,


  1. Marv · November 6, 2009

    Going to church makes you a christian about as much as going to a hospital makes you a doctor. These women have really messed up views of God / Church. But just think how they’d be if they didn’t go to church at all.

  2. Seymour Robin · November 6, 2009

    Or… giving birth makes you a parent about as much as it did their parents who brought them into this world… But you are right.. at least we aren’t stuck with them in public the other 6 hours of the week… they don’t get the true meaning of Church – religion by attending…. they are hopeless sheep going down the wrong path and bringing more into the world to follow in their foot steps… Ciao.. Sarah B…

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