Sheep in Wolves Clothing…

Sheep on Wolves Clothing…

Stepford Sheep or Stepford Wolves, they are all… Stepford People… Truly they are all just one in the same… Individuals who want to have the appearance of a perfect life, marriage, job and looks… They eagerly follow the leader of the Perfect Pack… as none of them want to think for themselves and be separated from the pack…  They yearn to be just like everyone else, think like everyone else and look like everyone else…  Wanting only to be perfect and more importantly they want you to be just as perfect and to join their herd…

You see them everywhere you look and they are all around you; they are milling about, fixing their hair, straightening their ties, shifting their skirts and checking any mirror they pass to make sure they are still just as perfect…  They may look perfect, however you can see right past and through them… not even catching your attention… They so much want to just be noticed by you and others, to just stand out amongst everyone else around them, however, sadly, they only simply just blend in with the back ground that surround them… There is nothing about them that is special at all… Too bad, so sad, all that money, all that following, all that perfectness, beauty and status and yet they really are just only a bunch of  nothings…

It never ceases to amaze me how important it is for this group of individuals to be noticed and to stand out above of the rest of us while forming their own secret sect;  I am all too shocked at the needs of this group to be recognized, to be something they are not and more so, can and never will be…  Who are these people and why are they are here?  What insecurity was instilled into them to create this need to be perfect…  Is it so important to be like everyone else?  To look like everyone else?  To dress like everyone else?   Must they all drive the same cars, live in houses that they only to tell them apart, in their gated communities, is simply by the numbers on the fronts of their homes…  As nothing else sets them apart, the last thing they want is to be the black sheep of the flock…  How horrible that would be…  Being the Black Sheep to this group would cause one to ostracized and shunned forever… this group can not sustain itself with those who seek individuality, as this group works diligently at squashing and shunning the dreamers and seekers of what else is out there besides a life of conformity…

If being someone who is  seeking to learn more about life, dreams and possibilities of what one can do, means you are a non conformist to the Perfects Sect and that you will be shunned, then I shall take a pass at the “Stepford Lies Club” and instead continue moving towards being my own individual and follow my own lead and no one else s… as I am not nor would I ever want be a part of the Perfect Pack…  wolves or sheep’s, all the same and I will take a pass on this group, sect and herd… I would prefer to be a Baa Baa Black Sheep Baby…

Ciao Bella… Sarah B…

Woke up this morning with clarity…


  1. Sue · January 18, 2010

    A stepford wife I shall never be for I dance to a diffrent tune. My own. I make it up as I go along.

  2. gregory hergert · January 18, 2010

    ignoring the safety net of conformity requires the courage to be alone!

  3. Crazy Dad · January 19, 2010

    Ya Ive been noticing these folks as I get older, but THANK YOU BABY JEBUS I dont conform to any preset molds!~Love ya!

  4. Yolanda · January 19, 2010

    I don’t run with no group. A stepford wife i will never be. That is why i prefer to always be me.

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