When Church Can Be An Unpleasant…

Ahh… I knew that would get your attention… didn’t it???  Such a hot topic to everyone and anyone that either does or does not embrace Religion…   When Church becomes a “dirty” word is due to both groups that lie on opposite sides of the topic…  The topic really isn’t Church per say… as it is Religion…  It is the different views and interpretations by individuals as well as a lack of acceptance that others can embrace an opinion or belief system that is different from theirs…  This is where the true nastiness of the topic originates from…  Not Church or Religion… but mostly about the arrogance and ignorance…  lack of compassion, understanding and acceptances toward others…  The superiority complex they feel above others…  They truly are insecure and must find acceptance in those who also share the same beliefs and insecurities… together as a group they become a flock of sheep, they draw upon the fears of their peers for strength and convictions…  ahh.. all in the name of god… their god, that is…

The pure arrogance that this group feels that they or shall I say their religion can be far superior to anyone  elses other than their own… is truly nothing more than pure ignorance, even more so than arrogance… though the two can often be easily confused…  This group believes they are “the top dogs” in the eyes of god and speak on a regular basis to him  daily…  of course… I am going to assume, they refer to their god as a him…  as it would be beyond their capacity to think that a book of stories rewritten over and over to conform (ahh.. how I detest that word)  to each Church or Religion…   One theme typically remains constant… their god… whom they spew upon the rest of us… their thoughts of the subject… is always a man… not that I personally give a shit if they follow a man or a woman… the common theme for me… is they are following something and that makes them followers… unable to think without being told… yet to have the comfort of their god to fall back on when they do step out of line with the others… they can always use the get outta jail free card above to forgive them for what they perceive to be as sins…. always living to please and ask for acceptance and forgiveness… hell honey, you might as well get a good blow job or a lickity split in the mean time… cuz god will forgive you till next week…

While I clearly do not hide my distaste in the actions of this group above. .. I do however accept openly that they can choose to believe what ever they want to, as it is their right and while I may openly trash that belief system… I do at the same time respect it… as it is their choice not mine… the group on the other side of the fence can be equally as damning… The non believers who profess that there is nothing spiritual in this world and scream that they will not participate in a Church or Religion… They wear their badge of non god as predominately as those listed above…  What I must question is… Is that, this group of non believers,  to me  they seem at times to be as fucking ignorant and arrogant as the sheep of god above…  This group, is so proud to not believe in anything that they too have become over zealous with their beliefs and must feel the need to debate the topic whenever they hear the word Church or Religion…  to shove down the throat of the believers why they are far superior that the believers for following their god… Does this not make the Non Believer the same as the Believers???  Do they not belong to a special peer group???  May they be considered the “Black Sheep” of society, family or friends… but does that not also make them a pack of sheep… following a belief system… one not of religion but instead deeply rooted in the belief of non religion and the non-existence of god… are they not also spewing the same thing… just from a different platform???  Seems to me they are their own religion… Baaa…Baaa… Black Sheep…

I guess I can close this out with my own views… you have the option to not care, listen or agree… as it is the same stance I take when I hear yours… the one thing I do not want to do… is to shove my thoughts down your throat and I ask the same of you… I feel that the world is a large place… and all people “are” created equal…Sorry to burst your bubble there baby… We are all have our own vices, flaws and hiccups… it is the life experiences that make us whom we are… our minds are strong powerful tools that can make us or break us… I believe the world needs sheep and both types ….in addition,  the world needs free thinkers whom are able to make  choices of their own minds… you can not escape the impact of religion no matter where you look… I believe everyone has the right to believe what they want, to be who they are, want to be and can be and should not let religion or others stop them from being who they truly should be… you should not pass judgment on those who are different or have different beliefs… If we all followed the same flock of crap… what a boring world this would be…  Those are SarahsViews on Church… it is a dirty word…  and while I enjoy making fun of life… and what I see… I do think… we need all types in this world to make it work… and beside…if we didn’t, where the hell would I get my topics from… You kittens???

Ciao Bella… a non PC Sarah B…


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  2. gregory hergert · November 21, 2009

    Sarah sometimes conformity with beliefs like God, global warming,or the joy of tattoos creates belonging similar to why I enjoy my team winning a ballgame versus any fascination with batting statistics and biblical details…interesting editorial Sarah!


  3. Robin Seymour · November 21, 2009

    Ahh… Mr. Greg… Interesting response for this topic… One to ponder… mull… pick… apart and perhaps come back with a “middle of the road” blog… to please the remaining masses??? But then that would be boring… and begin to show a way of conforming…
    Ciao Bella…
    Sarah B

  4. SarahsViews · November 21, 2009

    So…this morning, I logged onto my Twitter account and noticed that Holy Tweets is starting to follow Sarahsviews… Should I follow them back or give them fair warning that conversion will never happen???
    Sarah B…

  5. The Ball Brothers · November 21, 2009

    Dam!! Now we hve to throw away the list of people we wrote out last week that we don’t need on this earth. It took a looooonnnng time to put that together too!! Do we REALLY need Rush Limbaugh?

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  7. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Rush who??? I thought we, I mean you, already did that!!! Mr. BB… that list is still soooo long… and will never change… I think this must be “the left” Ball Brother I am speaking too… your “right” Brother has been MIA for a few decades, you need to bring him back out to play so you aren’t so 95% / 5% as in your prevous comment to e.Homely…and you know that profile pic you have up… wow!!! Luv ya… Ciao… Sarah B… ( give Jake a kick, I mean kiss for me… )

  8. Craig Belknap · January 14, 2010

    Liked the article. And I agree that religion in of itself is worthless and benefits no one, but it is the relationships and experience that are priceless to people on both sides of the fence.

  9. Robin Seymour · January 14, 2010

    I agree… Sarah 🙂

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