Artwork of Gregory Hergert

hemoglobin 1 1a hemoglobin 2 1a hemoglobin 3 1a hemoglobin 4 1a

I am in a red nude mood…

he goat 1 1a he goat 3 1a he goat 4 1a he goat 7 1a

I like the goat man…

fat cat 1 1a fat cat 2 1a fat cat 3 1a fat cat 4 1a

I am a fat cat… are you???

gearshift 1 1a gearshift 3 1a gearshift 4 1a gearshift2 1a

Can we shift your gears???

pink assassin 1 1a pink assassin2 1a pink assassin4 1a pink assassin5 1a

Pink Assassins…



Sarah’s back… enjoy the art…



One comment

  1. T. D. Davis · December 29, 2013

    Cool art! Welcome back.

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