2013… Sorry to see you go… 2014… Nice to meet you…

Peace soon

We are winding down 2013, this year I have many things to sit back and reflect upon, it was for myself, a year of amazing challenges, some very bittersweet moments but also a year of the accomplishment of amazing feats.  When I take a few moments to relax with my glass of wine, I reflect on where things were for myself in the 2013 and am amazed at where I am as I near the end, the distance I have traveled, the people I have met, the family I have connected with and all the good people in my life and the wonderful partner I share my life with and who is kind enough to let me share his artwork…

Phoenix rising

It seemed as I moved along the year in 2013 that I was not accomplishing anything and that the expectations of timelines I had set for myself, all imploded, but as I sit and type this quick little note, turning 50, traveling abroad and opening a new thriving company, I realize I have come far thanks to the support of those I am fortunate enough to have in my life, though at times it felts as though I was not moving at all…  However, that momentum will build in 2014 and will be unstoppable going forward..

Hustle and bustle

2014 will be a year of continued Hustle and Bustle, travel too and from, continued building on the foundation I have created and growing my bonds with my family and friends… but it will also be a year that I pick up my favorite hobby and creative outlet of writing again, I will revamp SarahsViews, as I am not as bitter as when I first created her, she will develop a satire tongue that still pokes fun at the world, but also at herself as she ages… I have created a new blog… Dear Dead Betty… advise from the beyond… a creation, I am having a ton of fun with… I will also focus more on featuring the artwork of Gregory Hergert… 2014 will be a year of letting the creativity back out to play…

stroll 1a blur

I hope as you reflect on 2013 and make plans for the coming year, you leave all the ghost and demons in the past and move forward with vigor and enthusiasm… we are all in control of our happiness and successes as well as our demise… it’s up to each of us to choose which path we take this year… I hope you choose to walk that happiness path with me…

Happy New Year…


Ciao, Sarah…


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