By the Grace of God… Yeah.. WTF ever…

Follow sheep...listen to the music...So often you hear this exact phrase… ” By the Grace of God” or I pray to God that…. Or Pray for me…  Or.. Or.. Or.. Just what does By the Grace of God really mean? 

Does it mean that God, whom I am going to assumed is named Grace or some where along the line, is exceptionally Graceful has parted the fluffy white clouds and extend his White hand..  and wrapped his  protective hand around you to…. Grace and Protect you.  LOL… OK.. what moron really believes bullshit like that?  I love this one too…  I pray to God.. you pray to god for what?  Really, what are you praying to God for?   Do you think you are so ” special” that if you take 1 minute out of your messed up day that seems to be falling apart that you feel you must grasp for something to bail your sorry lame out?  So, you pray to God..  God will fix it.. God will fix whatever stupid mistake you have gotten yourself into. 

You haven’t prayed for the majority of your life, you are pretty wrapped up in all the good things going on for you 99% of the time.. Until that one pathetic day when things just don’t really add up the way you want them too.. you don’t get what you want.. you don’t get to have your way.. so.. you have exhausted all your friends, bank accounts and co workers, you have warn out your welcome with everyone.. they are sick of your whining about how bad you have it … when really you have it better than 99.99% of the rest of the world.. So… you Pray to God to fix your problem.. you are just so special.. we are all fortunate enough to know you and we can’t wait to see when the miracle or miracles happen and your God comes down to bail you out of whatever little jam that isn’t anything to the rest of us.. is all taken care of.. you are my jack of religious person….

Now we have the Pray for me group.. Pray for me.. why?  Please tell me why am I praying for you?  What do you need me to pray for?  Better hair?  Less debt?  Nicer house, car or clothes.  Bigger tits, spouse not fucking around on you?  I am confused.. Your kids are healthy, your family healthy, you have a job… you have food on the table and a roof over your head… so.. please tell me why I should pray for you?  You give me a good enough reason why I should take a moment out of my day to stop and forget about the wars, the murders, the dying children and the homeless and Pray for you.. when you can tell me why you are so important that I should Pray for you and make sure your minor problems is solved, well honey..of  course, I will pray for you.. right after I take care of figuring out why there are no roofs over the heads of those who are cold, hungry.. why abused children aren’t taken away from bad parents and why kids end up on the street.. when I can help figure those events out, then I will pray for you and your problem that makes you feel so despondent and self absorbed that not only do you ask for the assistance of someone whose true job if you believe in religion isn’t to bail your sorry ass out, but provide you with the tools to learn to take care of yourself second and others first… but when I find a spare moment.. I will stop.. and pray to a belief system, created, to allow those who refuse to take any accountability for their own actions and instead pass the buck or should we say the bible that allows them to continue on as sheep… while rest of us are mules.. working our asses off and they continue to graze through life…

If you really understood the true meaning of a higher being and or why organized religion was created… you would not toss such phrases around so loosely.   I will pray for you… LOL.. NOT … I will not pray for you nor will I ask you to pray for me… neither one of us are just that special..   So get a grip, grow up and take accountability for yourself, your own actions and your responsiblities..  It is you and only you are responsible and can make or break yourself.   You create your own success and your own failures..  Not your God.  Too many people throw those terms around without having a clue what they truly mean and are asking for.

Ciao… Sarah B

Sarah B