Time To Wake The Kracken Back Up…

Free Way by Greg Hergert

There are no true real homeless people in Portland OR I was once overheard a total moron state to a group of people – as in moron, I mean clueless non homer unlike myself…  Portland as in the inner city, is surrounded by the fringes of homeless, there are tent cities of blue tarps hiding under bridges and under overpasses, on hiking trails and sometimes, just on public sidewalks…  First you see one, then a day or two later, you will see a group of tents and tarps in one area, then you see the dogs, the bikes and then one day, they are all gone…

Some cities will round up their homeless and put them on a bus with $100 in their pocket and send them to Stumptown... yup, that’s my hometown, Portland is stunning, cultural, rich in diversity and full the homeless…  Yet the homeless as a sense of flavor and it’s own type of culture and unique brand of diversity …

Mi Casa by Greg Hergert

While Portland tries to stay on top of it’s homeless, with public meetings, police rounds ups to have them move their tarps every few weeks so as not to have one tent or tarp turn into a city of blueness, it’s still a growing an ongoing problem that continues to grow daily as more homeless migrate to PDX to start a life on the street, cardboard signs in hand, asking for not a job, but for money, of course, with each new group that arrives the creativity of their signs can make one chuckle…

Recently, Artist, Greg Hergert, did a show in Portland OR called “Street Life” showing his view on the homeless he sees daily from him studio window in downtown Portland…

Sarahsviews took a long hiatus… but I have found Sarah’s voice and am ready to start writing again… my tone will be full of satire and realism.. illustrated by the art of my husband, Greg Hergert... yes, when I first started Sarahsviews, I did not know Greg, but I used to steal his art to illustrated the first few years of Sarahsviws… but now, married, I just take it… Looking forward to getting back in the blog groove…

Ciao… Sarah

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