Sunday is a Fun Day… So they say…


Bad Cat by Greg HergerT

Sunday, a fun day???  Where are on earth did they come up with that idea… last time I checked, my Sunday is spent washing, cleaning, and running errands for ungrateful Furballs… Yes, those hairy, conniving, fingerless, mewing, theiving little Fat Furballs... that demand to be fed, petted and tons of food…  where on earth do these evil little creatures come from and how did I become their servant???

One day it was just me, with all the freedom to do whatever I wanted on any given Sunday, then one showed up, with her snaggletooth and muddy little fur, with big pitiful eyes, with a whisper soft meow that said… Please feed me… how could I resist… so feed her I did, her fur began to clean up, her pitiful eyes turn to love, when I would place food out for her, then one day she came in the house, then one night she took over the bed, leaving me half the bed to sleep on, but I didn’t mind, she needed a home…

winkie_2a (1)

Winkie Cat by Greg Hergert

Then one morning, there was another, he was young and a big ole scaredy cat… with a slight limp, he would run when I would place food out for him, then as I close the door he would run up and gobble it all down… 4 weeks later, he took over the couch when I turned on the TV forcing me to the chair… greedy little bastard… soon I was left with a quarter of the bed, one on each side squeezing me in middle… walking across me in the middle of the night to swap sides…


Compassion Cat by Greg Hergert

Yesterday, I noticed there was another on on the back porch… homeless I am sure of, due to her soulful mewing, lowered head and scruffy fur… I don’t know how long it will take for this one to take the remainder of the bed, but I guess I will just prepare to move to the spare room and leave these 3 loving, funny, demanding sweet peas to have the master suite as they do own the house and rule the kingdom and I am just a Furball servant…



Alien Salute by Greg Hergert