You two have choices… Take it… Or… Leave it…

It has been brought to my attention recently by a very smug Asshole.. (oops… outside fingers again!!!)   That there are only two choices…  They are “Take It or Leave It”… WTF is that all about???  I mean for real…  Take it??? What are we supposed to take and what are we “taking it” with…  A nice jar of something to play slip and slide with???  That can be an interesting ride… A shot of whiskey???  Or do did they mean, take it from where ever we could get it from…. It that is the case…  Then I am still confused as to what it is that we are supposed to take…  Hello… Please clue me in…   If I am going to take it, then I want it with a glass of wine… ( of course ) but in my neighborhood baby cakes, we don’t have nice glasses of wine… we happen to have some gut rock lame ass… sweet pink shit you get down at the corner store and because your broke ass doesn’t have a car to drive yourself to the store and your neighbors run and hide when they see you walking their way… there simply are no other options for you but to walk on up to the store and pay twice as much as you would if you could drive and buy the “sweet” pink shit so you can take it…  Shit baby, I am still confused as to what the fuck you are taking???  Oh.. shit man …I am really freaking slow…  it is all of the above… 

You are taking it because your ass is so lame, that you don’t have any other options baby…. you gotta get the slip and slide stuff out, grab the big jug of pink shit… pour it into your “big gulp” cup and swallow…A lot…cuz… you are about to take it… and it is the only way you are gonna get it…  Enjoy…( I think??? )  I will take a pass on the ride you are on and see what “leave it” is all about…

Leave it… Leave it…Leave it… Hmm…. I am not feeeeling it!!!  What is being left???  Who is being left???  WTF am I supposed to leave???  Leave what???  Take it or Leave it… Well, we know that “take it” sure as hell doesn’t sound like anything but a slippery ride down south with some pink shit to numb you up…  So… leave it must be… the opposite???  Don’t buy into the slip and slide ride and instead choose to leave it behind and make the choice to …what???   Leave…the excuses behind… leave the fears of failure behind and leave the bad habits behind… So… “Leave It” could mean… actually leaving behind all the things in your life that stop your from moving forward and succeeding and achieving your dreams and goals… and if you don’t “Leave It” then you will be forced to “Take It”… and just what does that get you in life…  no where and that sounds pretty fucking miserable sweet cheeks…

Choices are yours and yours only…  You can Take it or Leave it… Whatcha gonna do baby???  I am leaving it and moving on down the line to find that something that you can’t find in life by taking it…  After all you are the only one who is responsible for your own actions… you can take the slippery road or you can make your own way…  and leave it behind… care to join me???

Ciao Bella…. Boring Sarah B today…

 I am Leaving It!


  1. The Ball Brothers · October 2, 2009

    We usually just stick our heads out the window and scream that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. Then we leave. It’s not that difficult.

  2. Johnson Long · October 2, 2009

    I enjoy reading about the slip and slide. Can you write more about that?

  3. Seymour Robin · October 2, 2009

    Yes…we have heard BB…hence why, I felt compelled to write this blog specifically with you in mind…. Ciao… Sarah B…

  4. Seymour Robin · October 2, 2009

    I am fairly certian at the nursing home… you can get some jello with dinner tomorrow evening and fondle it and it will bring back some wonderful or maybe some scary memories…. Ciao Bella… Sarah B…. don’t play with the sugar free stuff… it will give you cancer!!! You don’t want it to fall off….

  5. The Ball Brothers · October 2, 2009

    Sarah, You respond so quickly to our comment. It must ring your bell when we send the email. I think it’s only fair that you ring our bell !

  6. Amy · October 2, 2009

    Pink Stuff….humm…Pepto? LMAO

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