e-Homely.com will take you when e-Harmony won’t…

First off…there is no such thing as an e-Homely.com so don’t get your panties all in a tight little wad because you just read the title… cuz either two things just happened when you read the title… You laughed your little jelly ass right off or… you said… Really???  Where do I sign up???  How much does it cost and this is ONE sight I don’t mind posting a “real picture” of myself on…   Woo Hoo… e-Homely.com baby, here I come!!!  I mean I would post my picture on this site… if it really existed… I am not saying that I am an overly homely person … but I am also not saying I am not a stunning beauty either…  I mean, come on… this is SarahB…

So lets take this a step further… If you have ever sat down and watched the Ads on TV for these websites, you should have noticed that the only people they advertise a happy success stories on these sites are all pretty or adorable???  Both the Men and the Women!!!  My first thought as I am watching this is… WTF???  Why would you put these model looking people on TV commercials for these websites to get the “average” person to get up and walk over to their computer, give up the cash on the credit card???   Hello… I don’t want to burst your bubble little muffin tops… but if you haven’t noticed most of us do not quite look like those women on TV with perfect hair, pretty smiles… perky breasts, asses and all of 25 years old, while it is also apparent that the men have spent half of their days for the past 7 years working out and still have hair???  Why do these people need to join a dating site to hook up???  Did I miss that step in my 20’s and went directly to marriage???  Gasp!!!  No wonder it didn’t work out… it had nothing to do with the fact that I am sarcastic bitch… I wasn’t hooked up with the right mate that matched me to 25 compatible life changing points… to ensure me a life time of  Happy Happy – Joy Joy… Shit…  I could have saved myself some grief, money and of course found my soul mate…boy am I am idiot… not!!!

However… I think there should be a site for real people… we may not need to call it e-Homely.com but maybe something like… Website hook up for the Average Joe and the tag lines can be… Hey, I got a few kids hanging around the house and a few extra pounds on my thighs… but I am still a pretty OK person, who will always be there…  or my hair has moved to my back…but the quantity is still the same and I guarantee you wont’ get cold at night or sleep alone…  There should be a site that is dedicated to real people where  they can actually feel comfortable enough to post not their college pic or the one that they had a good friend take at the perfect angle that gives you the illusion they are 110lbs…which is retarded … but  instead you post pics of you taken within the last 6 months with your kids, exes, dogs, cats etc… ,one that isn’t of just your head, but shows that muffin or in some cases… muffins that are tagging along with you… or the one that show the actual amount of hair you don’t have… like women really give a shit about hair on men…  Instead of being a CEO you can tell the truth and say, I am one broke ass dick cuz I got nailed by my ex in divorce court, I got child support for the next 8 years, my house ain’t much, but it is mine and I work hard at the factory for a living…  It should be real and not fluff… This site should have a “what is your baggage” section and it should be filled out truthfully as we all have baggage… and when they say none… Then the site can automatically redirect them to e-Harmony or Match.com where they can say all the lies they want and look for a 10 when they are barely a 3…  LOL… I bet if there were a real site for real people… it would be number 1 and what I would consider a “cash cow”…  MOO… doesn’t always mean FatAss…It can also mean the sound of cash being stuffed into my bank account…  I need to hurry and start a website!!! 

Ciao Bella… Sarah B… a 5.50… LOL!!!


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  2. Crazy Dad · November 21, 2009

    Lol that was cute

  3. The Ball Brothers · November 21, 2009

    I’m a 9.5, but that WOULD be a great site for my twin brother!!

  4. Valarina · November 21, 2009

    LOL… too funny!! Although if there were a site for the “real” average poeple.. I bet no one would subscribe!! Internet dating nerds think they can get better!

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  6. gregory hergert · November 22, 2009

    when someone likes me after they know the more or less real me…it always seems like a minor miracle!

  7. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Were we twins separated a birth??? When they meet me, they say wow!!! Look at the rack on her… then I open my mouth and poof… it is that old brain thing thing works better than mace every time! Ciao… Saraha B… 🙂

  8. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Mr. BB… Rumor on the street is that neither you nor your brother could add up to a 4… at best on a testy sort of day with a good breeze…. you would be a 5! Ciao Bella and be nice to your twin…you still need him…

  9. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Cute…cute…cute… Crazy Dad… everyone whines that I was taking to serious of a tone in my pervious blogs damning the heathens and religious whack jobs and you give me cute about dating website disasters… Do I need to search your name on them??? Hmm…. Love ya… Crazy aunty… Sarah B…

  10. Robin Seymour · November 22, 2009

    Sister… think about it… We are all average… we should all strive to be better than average… but there is the core group that feels they should “get” better than average without giving more than average… This group needs a mirror and some vaseline before going on line… Oops.. outside typing fingers again!!! Ciao…

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